Pseudochromis dilectus PSEDIL-101199-SOWDAV-008

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Breeder ID: PSEDIL-101199-SOWDAV-008

Date received: 10/11/99

Identification: Pseudochromis dilectus (Lubbock, 1976)

Geographic origin: Northern and Western Indian Ocean

Taxonomy: (after I.C.Z.N)

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Actinopterygii

Order: Perciformes

Family: Pseudochromidae

Genus: Pseudochromis

Species: dilectus

Time in captivity- male: 6 month

Size (mm): 80

Time in captivity- female: 6 month

Size (mm): 70

Physical differences: (Male) white-gray body with orange-red head and blue stripe above gill slits, (female) white-gray body with light yellow tail and blue stripe above gill slits

Broodstock notes: Purchased two males, one slightly bigger than the other by about a centimeter. Put both males together and supervised the outcome which resulted in severe fighting with the larger male inflicting the most damage. After their initial introduction the smaller male was captured and placed in a large net, which became a secure home to rest and heal from injuries. Repeated this method three times over the course of three weeks . The smaller male began to slowly take on the female characteristics. After about three months when smaller male developed all the characteristics of a female she was introduced to the male and was immediately accepted with out any need to separate them.

Adult diet: Frozen seafoods and bloodworms and live brine shrimp. Fed twice daily

Pre-spawning activity: Female and male were together inside sprinkler head during egg laying and fertilization. Afterwards the female left and the male took over the care and incubation

Time spawning began: A few hours before sunrise.

Area spawning occurred: Inside a plastic sprinkler head with the spring and riser tube removed.

Frequency of spawning: Every 7-8 days

Egg description: Oval cluster, 4mm x 6mm x 2mm

Approximate quantity: ~1500

Size: ~1mm

Egg changes / development: After two days the eggs begin to develop eyes after five days they hatch

Incubation period: 5 days

Time hatching occurred: one half hour to one and one half hours after “sunrise”. This sunrise hatching seems to be a strange adaptation that does not make sense for larval survival. The same time of hatching occurred even with eggs that were incubated in an incubating device, exposed to full light.

Size of hatching larvae: ~4mm x .75mm

Yolk sac present?: Yes

Spawning tank size (liter): 208 liters (55 gallons)

No further system information provided

Fry development / changes: Metamorphosis 25 – 35 days.

First food offered: Rotifers and copepods. 2-3 times daily

Second food offered: Brine nauplii at day 7

Survival 1st week(%): 75%

2nd week: 35%

3rd week: 11%

4th week: 10%

Long term survival: Born June 15 & 16, ~150 alive as of 8/17/99

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