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This page is intended as a means of leading you to other available resources outside of the BR. Whenever possible, active links have been provided. If a link no longer works, please contact us.

ASCOT International Fish Database/Aquafind – Aquafind was formed in 1991 as a central registration facility to provide a means of locating various aquatic species and their producers. Virtually all aquatic species from fish to mollusks may be included. The producers included range from individual hobbyists, fish farms and hatcheries to commercial fisheries.

AquaNIC – The Aquaculture Network Information Center is a gateway to the world’s electronic resources in aquaculture.

World Aquaculture Society (WAS) – an international non-profit organization with over 3,000 members in about 100 countries. Founded in 1969, the primary focus of WAS is to strengthen and facilitate communication and information exchange on high priority topics and emerging issues within the diverse global aquaculture community.

The Biota Group

Oceans, Reefs and Aquariums (ORA) (Wholesale Only)

Poma Labs

Proaquatix (Wholesale Only)

Sea & Reef Aquaculture (Wholesale Only)

Sustainable Aquatics (Wholesale Only)

TRUVU Aquariums – Manufactures acrylic aquariums, reef ready aquariums, refugiums, Wet/Dry filters, commercial systems, cubicles and coral flats.

Monterey Bay Aquarium – Monterey, California, USA

Oregon Coast Aquarium – Newport, Oregon, USA

ReefHQ – The Great Barrier Reef Aquarium – Townsville, Australia

Scripps Institution of Oceanography – University of California, San Diego La Jolla, California, USA

Sea World/Busch Gardens Animal Information DatabaseSmithsonian’s Department of Invertebrate Zoology – Washington, DC, USA

Waikiki Aquarium – Honolulu, Hawaii, USA – On-site Coral Farm

The American Marinelife Dealers Association – AMDA is a non-profit organization promoting sustainable trade in living marine organisms for aquariums.

Marine Aquarium Societies of North America – MASNA is the non-profit national association of marine hobbyist societies and clubs which organizes and co-sponsors the annual MACNA (Marine Aquarium Conference of North America) with one host-city club chosen through a competitive bidding process. – Online source for books about Marine Fish Breeding, Husbandry and much more. “A room without books is like a body without a soul” -Cicero

Argent Chemical Laboratories – “We carry over 300 aquaculture and fishery books and we are adding new books every week. Please visit our online Aquaculture and Aquatic Science Reference Library.” (425) 885-3777 or (800) 426-6258, FAX (415) 885-2212

Aquatic Book Shop – “We carry the largest selection of new and used books, magazines and videos for beginners to advanced aquarium hobbyists. – Jim Forshey”(530) 622-7547, FAX (530) 622-7157

Simplified Reef Keeping – An easy-to-understand guide to reef aquariums. By Robert M. Metelsky.

Publisher of scientific journals (Journal of Experimental Zoology), technical and academic books and texts.

Aquatic Eco-Systems, Inc.  – “Your Complete Source for Aquaculture Equipment. Since 1978” Aquatic Eco-Systems, Inc., 1767 Benbow Court, Apopka, FL 32703 USA (407) 886-3939 FAX (407) 886-6787

Cole-Parmer Instrument Company – “…more than 30,000 products for the Research and Techncal Communities Worldwide.” Cole-Parmer Instrument Company, 625 East Bunker Court, Vernon Hills, IL 60061-1844 USA, (800) 323-4340 Fax (847) 247-2929

Florida Aqua Farms – 33418 Old Saint Joe Road, Dade City, FL 33525 USA. Florida Aqua Farms offers a line of livefood aquaculture products including rotifers, micro and macro algae, Guillard f/2 nutrients, plankton collectors, plankton culture kits, vitamins, liquid and dry invertebrate food, brine shrimp hatchers and more including two manuals Plankton Culture Manual and Conditioning, Spawning and Rearing of Fish with Emphasis on Clownfish.

Labequip, Ltd. – “Labequip offers reconditioned equipment (scientific) which is about 50% off the current market price and demonstrators which are about  25% off new. All reconditioned equipment carries a 6 month in-shop warranty…” Labequip, Ltd., Unit 35, 330 Esna Park Drive, Markham, Ontario, Canada L3R 1H3. (905) 475-5880 x 227. Fax (905) 475-1231

LabX – on-line source for new and used laboratory equipment sold at auction and set pricing.

Gelman Sciences – Laboratory filtration and separation devices. Supplies for analytical work. Pall Gelman Sciences, Laboratory Products Group, 600 South Wagner Road, Ann Arbor Road, MI 48103-9019 USA, (313) 913-6197, (800) 521-1520 (in USA), FAX (313) 913-6495

Wet Web Media – General aquatic topics – Bob Fenner and Crew answer hobbyist questions.

Aquaculture Supplies – “Supplying the United Kingdom with starter cultures of micro algae Nannochloropsis oculata, the Rotifer Brachionus plicatilis, Frozen cyropreserved Nannochloropsis and HUFA supplements.” Breeder’s Registry member since 1999.

DT’s Plankton Farm – produces unique products specifically for feeding marine fish and invertebrates kept in home aquariums and for research.

Florida Aqua Farms – 33418 Old Saint Joe Road, Dade City, FL 33525 USA.  Aquaculture supply, equipment, algal and rotifer cultures.

Provasoli – Guillard National Center for Culture of Marine Phytoplankton – (CCMP), McKown Point, West Boothbay Harbor, ME 04575. (207) 633-9630 The living stock culture collection of marine phytoplankton for the USA. The CCMP is supported by funds from the National Science Foundation (USA) and by revenues derived by the sale of cultures.

Reed MaricultureCompany sells marine microalgae concentrates and live rotifers.
For orders please contact:
or call toll free 877-732-3276 (North America)
Phone 408-288-8121 / Fax 408-884-2322

Argent Chemical Laboratories – approved manufacturer of MS-222, formalin and many other medicines. (425) 885-3777 or (800) 426-6258, FAX (415) 885-2212

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) – of the United NationsThe Fisheries section has an interesting section of resources and publications. Worth investigating.

National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) – The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) is a part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). NMFS administers NOAA’s programs which support the domestic and international conservation and management of living marine resources.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) – NOAA’s mission is to describe and predict changes in the Earth’s environment, and conserve and manage wisely the Nation’s coastal and marine resources to ensure sustainable economic opportunities.

Geothermal Aquaculture Research Foundation (GARF) – Much of our research is being conducted in the field of reef farming. We are conducting these studies both in marine aquariums and in the ocean. Reef aquarium research is being conducted by members of the foundation both in the U.S. and in several other countries. We also supply expert advice on algae control for the reef aquarium, wetlands and backyard ponds. – is dedicated to aiding in the education of, and information exchange between the hobbyist and the aquarium trade in the responsible keeping, breeding and rearing of all Hippocampus species.

Aquarium Frontiers On-line

Freshwater and Marine Aquarium magazine (FAMA)

CORAL Magazine

Tropical Fish Hobbyist (TFH) homepage. multiple areas. Not all of which are aquatic in content.

Invertebrates: Cephalopod – nautilus, squids, cuttlefish, and octopuses

The Cephalopod Page – The Cephalopod Page was created and is maintained by James B. Wood (, an Assistant Research Scientist at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences. This is an excellent resource with lots of information at all levels. (Be sure to check out The Cephalopod Page’s F.A.Q.)

Invertebrates: Cnidaria – anemones

Catalogue of sea anemones, corals, and their allies – (orders Actiniaria, Ceriantharia, Corallimorpharia, Ptychodactiaria, Sceractinia and Zoanthidea) — A compilation of publications concerning taxonomy, nomenclature, and geographic distribution of extant hexacorallians. Fautin, Daphne G. 2008. Hexacorallians of the World.

Vertebrates: Fishes

Catalog of Fishes – The California Academy of Sciences maintains on online searchable database version of The Catalog of Fishes covering more than 53,000 species and subspecies, over 10,000 genera and subgenera, and including in excess of 16,000 bibliographic references. Edited by William N. Eschmeyer. (Good for getting taxonomic information)

Integrated Taxonomic Information System (also contains invertebrate taxonomy)

National Museum of Natural History/Smithsonian Institute Fish Page – Cataloged database listing the collection at the Museum. Also has links to other interesting sites.

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