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Equipment & products related to the field of marine aquarium aquaculture (Maquaculture)

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AQUARIUM-RAISED AIPTASIA-EATING Berghia verrucicornis NOW AVAILABLE. Contact: Inland Aquatics, 10 Ohio St. Terre Haute, IN 47807

“THE NEW WAVE” CD-ROM by S. Gamble & B. Goemans. 6 years of sandbed filtration research and impact to the future of aquarium husbandry. Visit or e-mail Bob Goemans.

“GOLDEN PEARLS” ROTIFER & ARTEMIA REPLACEMENT DIETS – are now available at Call 1-800-303-7914., P.O. Box 13147 Ogden, UT 84412.

SPECIALIZING IN AIPTASIA EATING BERGHIA NUDIBRANCHS. Best prices, ready to ship. Berghia nudibranchs eat ONLY aiptasia and are completely reef safe. 1536 Grant Ridge Lane, St. Louis, MO 63126.

REEF GRIP: SUPERGLUE GEL for various aquarium applications, especially SPS / soft coral propagation. $20.00 plus shipping. D. Griffin, 603 W 3rd, Red Wing, MN 55066-1535, (651) 388-7319

WANTED: SELF-MOTIVATED persons interested in ornamental mariculture careers, writing articles, research. Minimal pay; unparalleled experience opportunity. M. Lidster, 10 Ohio St. Terre Haute, IN 47807

SEEKING BOOKS AND ARTICLES on breeding gobies, blennies or puffers. S. Boggs, 443 Morris St., Edgewood PA, 15218-1427 USA, (412) 731-0724

The Breeder’s Registry was founded with objectives to:

  1. Encourage and promote closed system breeding of marine organisms.
  2. Establish a Database to serve as a centralized information source for methodology and husbandry techniques used for the spawning and rearing of organisms and to identify problem areas associated with propagation.
  3. Develop a Registry for active marine aquarium breeders to document their successes and share spawning and rearing techniques with the world.

To further support these objectives, this Classified Ad section will help provide our website visitors contact information for breeders and suppliers of equipment and products related to the field of marine aquarium aquaculture (Maquaculture).

Deadlines for submitting classified ads:

  • The 20th of the preceeding month.

There is no charge for placement of a classified ad by Supporting Members providing the following guidelines are maintained: ADS

  • Must include a physical address
  • Be 25 words or less*
  • Be related to marine organisms, aquatic systems or study thereof.

Updated Classified ads will be posted here on the Breeder’s Registry Web site immediately following the dates listed above.
* If your requirements exceed the listed guidelines please contact us