Pomacentrus caeruleus POMCAE-030195-BALPAU-001

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Breeder ID:POMCAE-030195-BALPAU-001

Date received: 3/1/95

Identification: Pomacentrus caeruleus

Geographic origin: Red Sea

Taxonomy: (after I.C.Z.N.)

Kingdom Animalia

Phylum Chordata Subphylum Vertebrata

Class Osteichthyes Subclass Actinopterygii Infraclass Teleostei Superorder Acanthopterygii

Order Perciformes Suborder Percoidei

Family Pomacentridae

Genus Pomacentrus

Species caeruleus

Duration male(yr): 7.0

Size male (mm): 38

Duration female (yr): 7.0

Size female (mm): 32

Broodstock notes: 5 of these fish are housed in a reef type tank with other fishes and invertebrates

Physical differences: Male is larger and all fins and tail are blue. Female has mostly clear fins. Male is much more territorial

Adult diet: Blackworms, sushi, nori, flake food, Blackworms will bring fish to breeding condition in 7 – 10 days. Fed once per day if breeding.

Pre-spawning activity: Male constantly chases female. Male always makes nest in empty barnacle or bottle and tries to get female to follow into nest.

Time spawning began: night Area spawning occurred: in barnacle shell or bottle

Frequency of spawning: 7 weeks

Egg description: Attached to inside of shell. White with reddish “T”

Approximate quantity:~ 500 Size: 1 mm

Egg changes / development: turn clear in 6 hours

Incubation period: 36 hours

Time hatching occurred: AM

Size of hatching larvae:1 mm (?)

Yolk sac present?: yes

Newly hatched appearance: Free swimming as soon as hatched NOT attracted to light

Transfer / removal method: Sometimes entire nest removed, sometimes not

Spawning tank size (liter): 375

Sides of tank covered? No

Lighting & photoperiod: Fluorescent 16 hours

Filtration: Wet/dry, skimmer, ozone, RUGF, carbon, natural seawater

Additives and dosages: calcium 6 ml/wk, strontium 3 ml/wk. Iodine

Water temperature (F): 72

Specific gravity: 1.021

pH: 8.4

Nitrate: 15 ppm

First food offered: greenwater

Development description: no long term survival

Rearing tank size (liter): 7

Lighting & photoperiod: ambient

Filtration: none, natural seawater

Additives and dosages: none

Water temperature (F): 72

Specific gravity: 1.020

pH: 8.4

Nitrate: not indicated

Comments: Heater malfunction elevated temperature to 85F, after which spawning began. Male guarded the eggs until hatching. Unsure if male would eat young.

Original description: information presently unavailable

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