Lysmata californica LYSCAL-010195-WINCHA-001

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Breeder ID: LYSCAL-010195-WINCHA-001

Date Received: 1/01/95

Identification: Lysmata californica

Duration Male (yr): 2

Size Male (mm): 60

Duration Female 1 (yr): 2

Size Female 1 (mm): 60

Broodstock notes: Wild caught adults

Adult diet: Eats anything except spirulina or other algae. Fed 1 – 2x/day or more

Pre-spawning activity: Controlled by water temperature (May through October)


Egg(s) description:

Approximate quantity: 500

Size: ~1mm

Egg changes/development:

Incubation period: 2 wks@72 F Time hatching occured:

Newly hatched appear: Attracted to light


Method removal/transf: Adults removed

Fry develope/changes: No metamoprhosis prior to 40 days. development through several stages

First food offered: Trochophores, (live/frozen) algae

Was feeding continual?: Second food offered: Artemia, dry foods


Development description: Long term survival 40+ days


Filtration: Open system, sand filter, carbon, UV, cartridge

Water temperature (F): 72



Additional comments:

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