Lithopoma tectum LITTEC-070194-JACLAR-001

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Breeder ID: LITTEC-070194-JACLAR-001

Date received: 7/1/94

Identification: Lithopoma tectum (Gray, 1850)

Geographic origin: Caribbean

Taxonomy: (after I.C.Z.N.)

Kingdom Animalia

Phylum Mollusca


Class Gastropoda Subclass Prosobranchia

Order Archeogastropoda Superfamily Trochacea

Family Turbinidae Subfamily Turbininae

Genus Astraea (Röding, 1798) Subgenus Lithopoma (Gray, 1850)

Species tecta (Solander, 1786) (=tectum)

Duration(yr): 1 – 4

Size (mm): 19 – 28

Broodstock notes: sexual differences not observed

Physical differences: larger individuals spawn

Adult diet: algae

Pre-spawning activity: snails congregate high on rocks. Sperm discharged approximately 30 minutes prior to release of eggs.

Time spawning began: late in day

Area spawning occurred: sperm and eggs discharged into water

Frequency of spawning: a gradual warming of water seems to trigger spawning

Egg description: eggs were initially bound with a gelatinous substance

Approximate quantity: not indicated

Size: not indicated

Egg changes / development: all eggs eaten by fish and filter feeders

Spawning tank size (liter): 475

Sides of tank covered? Yes

Lighting & photoperiod: 2 – 175 watt metal halide (6 hours), 4 – 20 watt actinic fluorescent (12 hour)

Filtration: skimmer, liverock, substrate (Berlin method)

Additives and dosages: calcium @ 400 ppm (Kalkwasser), strontium, iodine (Lugols solution)

Water temperature (F): 78

Specific gravity: 1.024

pH 8.3

Nitrate: 4.4 ppm

Comments: (10/18/96) only one reference to the subgenus Lithopoma has been found (Warmke & Abbott, 1961) which is included under a discussion of Astraea. Lithopoma tectum is not listed (nor is any other Lithopoma sp.) Astraea tecta (Solander, 1786) description is taken from Warmke & Abbott, Livingston Publishing Company, 1961, page 48): “1 inch in diameter, elevated, conical, color light-brown to ash-white. Characterized by its long, strongly axial ribs which extend to the base of the shell. Base flattened, radiately striated, scalloped at the periphery. … Alias A. imbricata (Gmelin, 1791). ” Common name Imbricated Star-shell.

Word origin: aster, -o, (Greek), a star. tect, -o, (Greek), -I, -o, (Latin) , a roof, covered, covering. lit, -io, -o, =us, (Greek), a stone. poma, -to (Greek), a lid, cover.

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