Hippocampus zosterae HIPZOS-071793-TARMAR-001

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Breeder ID: HIPZOS-071793-TARMAR-001

Date received: 7/17/93

Identification: Hippocampus zosterae (Jordan & Gilbert 1882)

Geographic origin: West Atlantic


Taxonomy: (I.C.Z.N)

Kingdom Animalia

Phylum Chordata Subphylum Vertebrata

Class Osteichthyes Subclass Actinopterygii Infraclass Teleostei

Superorder Acanthopterygii Order Gasterosteiformes Suborder Sygnathiformes

Family Sygnathidae

Genus Hippocampus

Species zosterae (Jordan & Gilbert 1882 )

Duration male(yr): 0.1

Size male (mm): 36

Duration female (yr): 0.4

Size female (mm): 36

Physical differences: Male has brood pouch

Adult diet: Artemia, amphipods

Pre-spawning activity: Courtship “dance”

Time spawning began: AM & PM

Area spawning occurred: open water

Frequency of spawning: not indicated

Egg description: live bearers

Egg changes / development: not observed, internally incubated

Incubation period: 10 days

Size of hatching larvae: 6 mm

Newly hatched appearance: look like small pieces of white string

Transfer / removal method: not indicated

Spawning tank size (liter): 7

Sides of tank covered? No

Lighting & photoperiod: 1 – 15 watt incandescent, 12 hours

Filtration: Undergravel filter

Additives and dosages: none indicated

Water temperature (F): 76

Specific gravity: 1.019

pH: 8.4

Nitrate: none detected

Fry development / changes: Develop to a brown / green coloration

First food offered: newly hatched Artemia fed Roti-Rich® (Florida AquaFarms)

Development description: Reared to 6 months

Rearing tank size (liter) same as adult system

Lighting & photoperiod: same as adult system

Filtration: Undergravel filter

Additives and dosages: none indicated

Water temperature (F): 76

Specific gravity: 1.020

pH: 8.4

Nitrate: none detected

Comments: More acceptable foods need to be found.

Original description: First described by Jordan & Gilbert 1882 and published in Proc. U. S. Natl. Mus. v. 5 (no. 282). Specimens collected at Laguna Grande, Pensacola, Florida, U.S.A.

Word origin: Hippocampus (Greek), a fabulous sea monster. hipp, -e, -o, =us, (Greek) a horse. camp, =us, (Greek) , a sea monster. zos, –m, -mer, -ter, (Greek) a girdle.

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