Hippocampus erectus HIPERE-081595-CAMJEF-001

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Breeder ID: HIPERE-081595-CAMJEF-001

Date received: 8/15/95

Identification: Hippocampus erectus (Perry , 1810-11)

Geographic origin: West Atlantic

Taxonomy: (After I.C.Z.N)

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Actinopterygii

Order: Syngnathiformes

Family: Syngnathidae

Genus: Hippocampus

Species: erectus

Duration male (yr):1.5

Size (mm):100+

Duration female (yr):1.5

Size (mm):100+

Broodstock notes: A colony of 22 adults maintained at Nauticus, Norfolk, Virginia

Physical differences: Male has brood pouch, otherwise very similar

Adult diet: Mysis shrimp (frozen Mysis relicta from Piscine Energetics, Sandpoint, ID). Fed 2 – 3 times daily

Pre-spawning activity: Displays occur in AM. Animals change from normal black / brown to white or tan, sometimes red on dorsal crest. Nipping, biting and linking of tails. Observations indicate displays initiated by females or multiple females with single male.

Time spawning began: AM

Area spawning occurred: on bottom

Frequency of spawning: daily

Egg description: not observable, transferred to males pouch

Approximate quantity: 10 – 150

Size: ?

Egg changes / development: not observed, internally incubated

Incubation period: 20 – 21 days

Time hatching occurred: 1st light

Size of hatching larvae: 10 mm

Yolk sac present?: no

Newly hatched appearance: miniature of adults

Transfer / removal method: removed to 17 liter container which received main system water.

Spawning tank size (liter): 680

Sides of tank covered? Not indicated

Lighting & photo period: 2 40 watt fluorescent AquaSun®, 12 hours

Filtration: Reverse flow undergravel filter, biotower with plastic biomedia, skimmer and chiller. ~ 3400 L/hr circulation.

Additives and dosages: Conservation Crystals synthetic seawater

Water temperature (F): 75

Specific gravity:1.020

pH: 8.25

Nitrate: 10 – 20 ppm

Fry development / changes: metabolic rate very high. Juveniles will become emaciated in a matter of days

First food offered: newly hatched Artemia at very high densities

Second food offered: Amphipods , Grammarus sp. At 3 weeks

Survival 4th week: 33%

Development description: ~50 mm at 6 weeks. Feeding of frozen Mysis initiated by addition of sub-adult already feeding on frozen Mysis.

Rearing tank size (liter)17

Sides of tank covered? Yes, Styrofoam

Lighting & photo period: same as adult system

Filtration: sub-system of adult tank

Additives and dosages: not indicated

Water temperature (F): 75

Specific gravity: 1.020

pH: 8.25

Nitrate: 10 – 20 ppm

Comments: Artificial eelgrass added as attachment sights to avoid individuals clinging to each other and limiting locomotion and feeding. Author(s)* believe gas bubble disease is caused by decomposing eggs/embryos in males pouch. Also excessive continuous breeding emaciates male and results in eventual death.

Original description: First described by Perry in Arcana v. 1, p. 177, from specimens collected in the American Seas, Mexico, West Indies. The description was validated by Valid Smith C. L. 198 and Edwards & Glass

Word origin: Hippocampus (Greek), a fabulous sea monster. hipp, -e, -o, =us, (Greek) a horse. camp, =us,(Greek) , a sea monster. erect, (Latin), upright.

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