Dascyllus aruanus DASARU-022895-SCHTOD-001

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Breeder ID: DASARU-022895-SCHTOD-001

Date received: 2/28/95

Identification: Dascyllus aruanus (Linnaeus, 1758)

Geographic origin: Indo-Pacific  

Taxonomy: (after I.C.Z.N.)

Kingdom Animalia

Phylum Chordata Subphylum Vertebrata

Class Osteichthyes Subclass Actinopterygii Infraclass Teleostei

Superorder Acanthopterygii Order Perciformes Suborder Percoidei

Family Pomacentridae

Genus Dascyllus

Species aruanus (Linnaeus, 1758)


Duration male(yr): .5

Size male (mm): 45

Duration female (yr): .5

Size female (mm): 40

Broodstock notes: Pair were initially separated by eggcrate. Purchased as “juveniles” in July 1994, spawned in August 1994.

Physical differences: Male slightly larger than female, more robust and aggressive.

Adult diet: Frozen Artemia, flake foods. Fed dailey

Pre-spawning activity: not indicated

Time spawning began: 1300 – 1400 hours

Area spawning occurred: on eggcrate

Frequency of spawning: monthly

Egg description: barely visible mass 100 x 150 mm

Approximate quantity: not indicated

Size: < 1 mm ( Garnard, 1957, and Stevenson, 1963 indicate egg size for Dascyllus species to be 0.49 to 0.85 mm; from Thresher, 1984)

Egg changes / development: Eggs darkened on day 2 – 3

Incubation period: 3 – 4 days

Time hatching occurred: evening

Size of hatching larvae: not indicated (Daniliwicz & Brown, 1992, indicate D. aruanus larvae to be 2.2 mm at hatching)

Yolk sac present? Not indicated

Newly hatched appearance: not indicated

Transfer / removal method: not collected. No attempt to rear  

Spawning tank size (liter): 600

Sides of tank covered? No

Lighting & photo period: 8 40 watt fluorescents 150 mm from surface

Filtration: Wet / dry, skimmer, ultraviolet sterilizer, algal turf scrubber.

Additives and dosages: none

Water temperature (F): 75

Specific gravity: 1.022

pH: 8.3

Nitrate: none detected

Comments: Daniloweicz & Brown, 1992 provide information through juvenille

Vernacular name: White-tailed damselfish, Humbug damsel,

Original description: Described by Linnaeus in 1758 as Chaetodon aruanus in Systema Nat. ed. 10 v. 1; “Habitat in Indiis” (Aru Is.). No types known. Valid as Dasyllus aruanus by Dor 1984, Allen 1986, 1991.

Synonomy: abu defar (Forsskal 1775) in Descr. Animalium; 1775:65, xiii as Chaetodon abudefar based on a specimen collected at Jidda, Red Sea. A synonym of D. aruanus [Dor 1984] Chaetodon arcuanus (Gmelin 1789) in Systema Naturae Linne v. 1 is reported as an “incorrect  subsequent spelling of Chaetodon aruanus” [Allen, 1991] and now considered a synonym of D. aruanus. Chaetodon araneus (Bennett 1830) in Fishes of Ceylon First edition; misspelling of aruanus [Pethiyagoda et al. 1994], [Eschmeyer & Pethiyagoda 1996] Pomacentrus emamo (Lesson 1830), Voyage Coquille Zool. v. 2,(pt 1); Bora Bora I., Society Is. Synonym of D. aruanus (Linnaeus 1758) [Allen 1991] Pimeleptere simunad (Montrouzier 1857), Ann. Soc. Imp.Agric. Hist. Nat. Lyon v. 8 (1856); On p. 199 of reprint. As Pimeleptere mentioned in passing under species allocated by Thiolliere to Dascyllus aruanus, Woodlark I., South Pacific. Dascyllus blochii (Castelnau 1875), Research. Fish. Australia No. 2, Queensland, Australia. Synonym of Dascyllus aruanus (Linnaeus 1758) [Allen 1991] Pomacentrus trifasciatus (De Vis 1884), Proc. Linn. Soc. N. S. W. v. 8 (pt 4). Probably South Seas. Synonym of Dascyllus aruanus (Linnaeus 1758) [Allen 1991] Pomacentrus devisi (Jordan & Seale 1906) Bull. Bur. Fish. v.25 (for 1905). Replacement name for Pomacentrus trifasciatus (De Vis 1884) preoccupied. Synonym of Dascyllus aruanus (Linnaeus 1758) [Allen 1991] Abudefduf caroli (Curtiss 1938), Zool. Tahiti; Lagoon near Tautira, Tahiti, Society Is. Synonym of Dascyllus aruanus (Linnaeus 1758) [Allen 1991]

Word origin: The genus Dascyllus is from the Greek word dascyll which means a kind of fish. The species aruanus is apparently a reference to the Aru Islands (? Aru, Tanjung, SE Borneo ?) Where Linnaeus collected the first specimens. anus is Latin for ring (or anus ) possibly indicating an atoll.

Suggested reading:

Danilowicz, Bret S., & Brown, Christopher L., Rearing methods for two damselfish species:
Dascyllus albisella (Gill) and D. aruanus (L.), 1992, Aquaculture, 106, pages 141-149; Elsevier
Science Publishers B. V., Amsterdam

Thresher, R. E., Reproduction in Reef Fishes, 1984, T. F. H. Publications, 211 West Sylvania
Avenue, Neptune City, NJ 07753 USA, ISBN 0-87666-808-2

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