Centropyge resplendens CENRES-111596-STIJAM-002

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Breeder ID: CENRES-111596-STIJAM-002

Date received: 11/15/96

Identification: Centropyge resplendens (Lubbock & Sankey, 1975)

Geographic origin: Ascension Islands

Taxonomy: (after I.C.Z.N.)

Kingdom Animalia

Phylum Chordata Subphylum Vertebrata

Class Osteichthyes

Order Perciformes Superorder Teleostei

Family Pomacanthidae

Genus Centropyge

Species resplendens (Lubbock & Sankey, 1975)

Duration male(yr): 7.0

Size male (mm): 51

Duration female 1 (yr): 7

Size female 1 (mm): 20

Duration female 2 (yr): 7

Size female 2 (mm): 36

Physical differences: No visual difference other than size.

Adult diet: Brine shrimp, mysis shrimp, spirulina flake, algae in tank. Fed every other day

Pre-spawning activity: Male seeks out female and begins “soaring” around her to get her attention.

Time spawning began: Pre-twilight

Area spawning occurred: mid water “soaring”, actual spawning at surface

Frequency of spawning: Nightly

Egg description: Clear egg “droplets”

Approximate quantity: 100 – 200

Size: ~ 0.5 mm

Egg changes / development: no information beyond spawning behavior

Transfer / removal method: not removed, no attempt at rearing

Spawning tank size (liter): 950

Sides of tank covered? Yes, back is black

Lighting & photoperiod: 2 250 watt MH (8 hours), 2 110 watt HO flourescent actinic (10 hour) 1 15 watt Marine-Gro® ( 3 hours) . All controlled by timers

Filtration: Trickle filter, Reef Crystals® and ocean water ~95 liter water changes every two weeks. RO/DI water for make-up and mixing ASW

Additives and dosages: Selco®, Zoe Vitamin supplement®,

Water temperature (F): 76F

Specific gravity: 1.021

pH: 8.2

Nitrate: 0.4 ppm

Comments: As long as there is a difference in size between male and female(s) it is generally quite easy to create a mating pair.

Word origin: Centr, -I, -o (Greek). The center; a point, spur. pygm, (Greek) dwarf. The common name “Pygmy” or Dwarf” angel is apparent from the word root pygm. Centro may be in reference to the spine (spur) at the angle (The center) of the preopercle. The genus resplendens is Latin for glittering. The English word resplendent which is from the Latin word means “filled with splendor, brilliant”

This species was first described by Lubbock & Sankey in 1975 in the Bulletin of the British Museum of Natural History; Zoology: Vol 28, No. 5. The specimens were collected in 20 meters of water at the Ascension Islands.

The common name is Resplendent Angel.
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