Centropyge flavissimus CENFLA-111596-STIJAM-002

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Breeder ID:CENFLA-111596-STIJAM-002

Date received: 11/15/96

Identification: Centropyge flavissimus (Cuvier & Valenciennes, 1831)

Geographic origin: Indo-Pacific

Taxonomy: (after I.C.Z.N.)

Kingdom Animalia

Phylum Chordata Subphylum Vertebrata

Class Osteichthyes

Order Perciformes SuperorderTeleostei

Family Pomacanthidae

Genus Centropyge

Species flavissimus (Cuvier &Valenciennes, 1831)

Duration male(yr): 8

Size male (mm):76

Duration female (yr): 8

Size female (mm): 64

Physical differences:No significant difference other than size

Adult diet: Brine shrimp, mysis shrimp, spirulina, algae in tanks. Fed every other day

Pre-spawning activity:Male seeks out female and begins soaring behavior

Time spawning began: pre-dusk

Area spawning occurred: midwater soaring, spawning at surface

Frequency of spawning: Nightly

Approximate quantity: 200 – 300

Size: ~ 0.5 mm

Egg changes / development: Not observed

Transfer / removal method: Not removed, no attempt at rearing

Spawning tank size (liter): 950

Sides of tank covered?Yes, back is black

Lighting & photoperiod: 2 250 watt MH (8 hours), 2 110 watt HO flourescent actinic (10 hours) 1 15 watt Marine-Gro® bulb ( 3 hours). All controlled by timers. Bulbs changed yearly

Filtration: Overflow to trickle filter. Iwaki 40RLT, 40RLTX for circulation. Reef Crystals® and OceanWater. Change ~95 liters weekly

Additives and dosages: Selcon® and ZoeVitamins®

Water temperature:76 F

Specific gravity: 1.021

pH: 8.1

Nitrate: 0.4 ppm

Comments: This species is more timid than other spawning Centropyge. Male is more particular about other resident fishes in tank during spawning

Word origin: Centr, -i, -o (Greek). The center; a point, spur. pygm, (Greek) dwarf. The common name “Pygmy” or Dwarf” angel is apparent from the word root pygm. Centro may be in reference to the spine (spur) at the angle (The center) of the preopercle. The genus flavissimus is composed of the root flav which is Latin for yellow and issim, =a, =um, =us which is Latin and indicates a superlative ending (superlative = an outstanding quality) . Therefore the name denotes a YELLOW! dwarf angel.

The common name is Lemon Peel Angel

This species was originally classified as Holocanthus flavissimus . This is common with other Centropyge as well. Centropyge heraldi has been identified as C. flavissimus but lacks the blue coloration around the eye, edge of operculum and posterior margins of dorsal and anal fins. It also differs in that it has a dark patterned coloration on the head which C. flavissimus lacks.Young specimens of C. flavissimus are reported to have a blue ocellated spot on the middle portion of the body.

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