Centropyge argi CENARG-072493-MCCJIM-003

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Breeder ID: CENARG-072493-MCCJIM-003

Date received: 7/24/93 

Identification: Centropyge argi (Woods & Kanazawa, 1951)

Geographic origin: Atlantic

 Taxonomy: (after I.C.Z.N.)

Kingdom Animalia

Phylum Chordata Subphylum Vertebrata

Class: Osteichthyes

Order Perciformes Superorder Teleostei

Family Pomacanthidae

Genus Centropyge

Species argi (Woods & Kanazawa, 1951)

Duration male(yr): 5.0

Size male (mm): 89

Duration female 1 (yr): 5.0

Size female 1 (mm): 76

Broodstock notes: can be paired in tanks as small as 10 liters

Physical differences: Male is larger

Adult diet: Anything!

Pre-spawning activity: Soaring continues approximately 3 hours in evening

Time spawning began: twilight (PM)

Area spawning occurred: upper levels near surface

Frequency of spawning: nightly

Egg description: pelagic

Approximate quantity: 175 – 200

Size: ~ 1 mm

Egg changes / development: short incubation, hatch next day

Incubation period: 17 – 18 hours

Time hatching occurred:

Size of hatching larvae: 1.5 mm

Yolk sac present?: yes

Newly hatched appearance: Only a slender lateral spine and yolk sac visible

Transfer / removal method: not indicated

Spawning tank size (liter): multiple tanks

10 Sides of tank covered? No

Lighting & photoperiod: Metal halide, fluorescents, spots. 16 hours controlled by timer

Filtration: liverock, wet/dry, cannister

Additives and dosages: none

Water temperature (F): 74

Specific gravity: 1.022

pH: 8.2

Nitrate: 0.15 ppm

Fry development / changes: not indicated

First food offered: dinoflagellates, ciliates, rotifers

Second food offered: egg yolk, greenwater


1st week(%):

2nd week: 0%

Development description: No success beyond 9 days

Rearing tank size (liter) varied

Sides of tank covered? No

Lighting & photoperiod: various types and periods

Filtration: none

Additives and dosages: none

Water temperature (F): varied

Specific gravity: 1.022

pH: not indicated

Nitrate: none detected

Comments: No other information provided

Word origin: Centr, -I, -o (Greek). The center; a point, spur. pygm, (Greek) dwarf. The common name “Pygmy” or Dwarf” angel is apparent from the word root pygm. Centro may be in reference to the spine (spur) at the angle (The center) of the preopercle. The genus argi has two possible word roots; arg, -o (Greek) shining, bright, or argi, =a (Greek) Idleness, leisure. Since this species is not brilliantly colored (nor silvery) the latter word root would seem more appropriate and may be a reference to activity. Additionally roots listed with an possible ending preceeded by an equal ( = ) sign may be used alone.

The common name is Cherubfish or Dwarf Angelfish

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