Apogon compressus APOCOM-072700-MOHDAV-001

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Breeder ID:APOCOM-072700-MOHDAV-001 Date received: 7/27/00

Identification: Apogon compressus (Smith & Radcliffe, 1991) Geographic origin: Western

(after I.C.Z.N.)

Length of time in captivity, male(yr): 1.5

Size male (mm): 74

Length of time in captivity, female (yr): 1.5

Size female(mm): 74, 74, 74

Broodstock notes: 1 male and 3 females. Male has enlongated dorsal fin and darker color

Adult diet: Frozen krill, shrimp, squid, mussels, and brine shrimp. Twice per day.

Pre-spawning activity: Male chasing females

Time spawning began:not indicated

Area spawning occurred: Open water column

Frequency of spawning: first spawning

Egg description: not indicated

Approximate quantity: 50 (based on hatch)

Size: unknown

Egg changes / development: Male was carrying eggs in mouth so development not observed

Incubation period: 3 weeks

Time hatching occurred: Assumed at night, but not observed.

Attracted to light? yes

Newly hatched appearance: Size of baby guppies

Transfer / removal method: Male moved (with eggs in mouth)to a 37 liter (10 gallon) tank.

Spawning tank size (liter): 130 liters (35 gallons – 36″ L x 13″ W x 15″ H)

Lighting & photoperiod: 4 tube, 96 watt fluorescent. 12 hours. 36mm from surface. Replaced yearly.

Filtration: Bak-Pak 2®, live rock, ~7.5 cm (3 in) sand bed. 4 Rio 800®

Additives and dosages: Marine Mix® ASW, 10% changes monthly . C-Balance® added every other day.

Water temperature (F): 82ºF

Specific gravity: 1.026

pH: 8.3

Nitrate: none detected

Fry development / changes: Double in size at 10 days.

First food offered: Rotifers, fed with twice daily

Second food offered: Newly hatched Artemia. 3rd week

Survival 1st week: 50 initially released. 45 remained alive from the second week to time of this report ( 50 days).

Rearing tank size (liter): 37 (10 gallon) (20″ L x 10″ W x 12″ H)

Sides of tank covered? no

Lighting & photoperiod: 15 watt fluorescent. 12 hours

Filtration: None, other than live rock, 7.5 cm (3 in) silica sand. Aqua Clear 301® for circulation.

Additives and dosages: Water from adult tank. 10% changes

Water temperature (F): same as parent tank

Specific gravity: same as parent tank

Original description: Originally described by Smith & Radcliffe in Radcliffe, 1911:246, Pls. 20-21. Proceedings of the U. S. Natural Museum, V 41 (no. 1853) as Amia compressa.
Description was based on specimens collected at Bisucay I., Cuyos Is., Philippines. Validated by Hayashi in Matsuda et al. 1984 as Apogon compressa. Later validated by Paxton et al, 1989, and Allen 1993 as Apogon compressus.

Vernacular name: Ochre-striped cardinalfish, Split-banded cardinalfish, Blue-eyed cardinalfish

Word origin: Apogon is from the Greek roots apo
meaning from, off, or away; and gon meaning offspring. (Perhaps due to the mouthbrooding
characteristics of this family).. The genus compressus appears to be a combination of the Latin roots com meaning together; and pressus meaning pressed; (‘pressed together”)

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