Amphiprion sebae AMPSEB-011993-NEEWIL-001

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Breeder ID: AMPSEB-011993-NEEWIL-001

Date received: 1/19/93

Identification: Amphiprion sebae (Bleeker, 1853 )

Geographic origin: Indo-pacific 

Taxonomy: (after I.C.Z.N.)

Kingdom Animalia

Phylum Chordata Subphylum Vertebrata

Class Osteichthyes

Order Perciformes Superorder Teleostei

Family Pomacentridae

Genus Amphiprion

Species sebae (Bleeker, 1853 ) 

Duration male(yr): 3.0

Size male (mm): 76

Duration female(yr): 3.0

Size female (mm): 87

Broodstock notes: Pair has spawned every 12 – 14 days since June 1992.

Physical differences: Male is smaller

Adult diet: Frozen Artemia, Wardley Total Marine®, chopped “pop-corn” shrimp with Boyds® vitamins.

Pre-spawning activity: Chasing one another while making a “vibrating” sound. Male shakes head in front of female. Cleaning nest site (rock).

Time spawning began: early PM

Area spawning occurred: slate under host anemone

Frequency of spawning: 12 – 14 days

Egg description: Bright orange circular mass ~ 75 mm

Approximate quantity: not indicated

Size: not indicated

Egg changes / development: Turn dark red at day 3

Incubation period: 7 – 9 days

Time hatching occurred: 2000 – 2200 hours

Size of hatching larvae: small

Yolk sac present?: no

Newly hatched appearance: very active and hard to see

Transfer / removal method: Slate removed to rearing tank; no success. Hatched larvae dipped out  

Spawning tank size (liter): 75

Sides of tank covered? No

Lighting & photo period: 1 20 watt Triton® fluorescent; 2 9 watt 5000K Osram ® sub-compact fluorescent; 1 9 watt Blue Osram ® sub-compact fluorescent. 12 hours

Filtration: Fluval 103®, skimmer. Undergravel filter with 2 powerheads (Visijet ® ).

Additives and dosages: Boyd® vitamins

Water temperature (F): 78

Specific gravity: 1.022

pH: 8.0

Nitrate: 8 ppm

First food offered: rotifers (from Florida AquaFarms, 1-(352) 567-8540 ). Twice per day

Second food offered: newly hatched Artemia at day 5

Survival: 5 larvae lived 5 days

Rearing tank size (liter): 37

Sides of tank covered? Yes, black

Lighting & photo period: no direct lighting. Ambient

Filtration: Tetra® Bille-sponge

Additives and dosages: none

Water temperature (F): 78

Specific gravity: 1.022

pH: 8.0

Nitrate: 8 ppm

Word origin: Amphiprion is from the Greek roots amph, -i, -o, meaning Around, on both sides; double, and -prion which means a saw. The genus sebae is unclear; there is a Greek root sebas-m, -t which means reverent or venerable; and/or a Latin root seb, -i, =um which means grease or tallow, otherwise no other association is found.

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