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by Tom Lang

Welcome to the Breeder’s Registry website. Here we’ve saved all the original Spawning Reports and other content you’ve come to enjoy and reference since Stanley Brown began this work back in 1993.

As you may have noticed, visitors to this site are not required to create a user name or password to freely access the BR database. We do offer you the option to join our email update list so you won’t miss any new content as it rolls out. We’d also like to encourage everyone to Like our Facebook page where we post more abbreviated updates, news and information.

Thank you for visiting the BR website and using us as a trusted resource built upon the many years of experience of our participating breeders. The very fact that you’re interested in aquarium propagation of saltwater fish and other marine life is a positive sign that our hobby/profession is making progress in the protection of our world’s ocean and desiring to grow in the understanding of the secret lives of the animals we provide for in our aquariums.

Breeder's Registry staff are all volunteers and appreciate any comments or corrections on any of our posts.


  • Stanley Brown

    March 14, 2015, 11:33 am

    Hi Tom!

    I had an encounter with a mailman who happened to be delivering mail to my house- I came out my front door about the time he walked up to the mail box and he saw that I had an aqaurium inside- we talked a bit and he finally said, i know you from somewhere, so I went through the wrote for, spoke, etc and that I had been involved in captive breeding , when he suddenly said “your the breeder’s thing guy!” To which I replied Breeder’s Registry… He asked how the BR was doing and I had to admit i hadn’t been involved in a number of years and had turned it over to someone in Fresno (I couldn’t remember your name at the moment… my apologies)

    anyway, to make this a bit briefer, I thought I look and see and lo and behold it looks like the BR is alive and well!

    Good to know


  • Tom Lang

    March 31, 2015, 8:29 am

    Great to hear from you Stan! You started this registry and all of us involved in this industry are very grateful you did.

  • Stanley Brown

    October 17, 2015, 3:13 pm


    I never received this reply(?) but I’ve been known to be a bit reclusive ….anyway, I would love to follow the progress, even if I just lurk in the shadows.

    I’ve tried to join the FB group a while back and would like to I(I promise not to post too much )

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